About Us

Welcome to Ricasi Consultancy Limited

We are passionate about the success of SME because we believe it is the key to reinventing the African story. We desire to see SME in Kenya change lives by maintaining sustainable growth.

Our Vision

Nurturing an inspirational workplace and cohesive and synergistic networks to create a highly effective and agile enterprise that will efficiently deliver valued solutions and meet short and long term responsibilities.

Our Mission

We support SMEs’ effectively pursue their core objectives by providing quality solutions that help them nurture operational excellence, create a competitive advantage and maintain sustainable growth. 

Our Values

Our corporate culture is shaped and defined by these values that guide our thoughts and actions in all our dealings: servant leadership, integrity, innovation, agility and collaboration

Our History

The idea for starting Ricasi Consultancy was conceived in 2007 when the founder, operating a small enterprise, noted a dire need for quality, cost effective, integrated and best fit support solutions to help his SME operate efficiently and gain a competitive edge so it could not only survive past the two year mark but maintain sustainable growth. The journey that began for us as a quest to solve our personal needs, led us to deliver valued solutions that anticipate and satisfy our clients strategic and operational needs through our 3-D process. We started our operations as a sole proprietorship in 2007 that was later incorporated to a private limited company in September 2015.

Our Future

We aspire to become a transformative force in the Kenyan socio-economic landscape within the next three years by effectively supporting SMEs’ harness and achieve their potential. We believe that African SMEs need access to a diversified portfolio of customizable and integrated support solutions that promote operational excellence and competitive advantage for sustainable growth. That is why we offer quality, cost effective, integrated and best-fit suite of solutions by leveraging on our in-depth subsector knowledge, a wide network of collaborative partners and long term commitment to service excellence.

Our 3-D process



We collaborate with clients in the solution development process to co-create mutually valued solutions by:

  • Choosing right clients to partner with,
  • Deepening personnel capabilities to understand their impact on client business, perception & sustainability, and
  • Conducting intensive hands-on joint workshops.



Innovation is continually incorporated in all aspects of our business – people, solutions and processes  to allow us design viable solutions that:

  • Maximize market appeal,
  • Satisfy client preferences, and
  • Provide a premium look and feel.



Our service delivery system focuses on what creates value to our clients and engages frontline personnel to deliver the ultimate client experience by:

  • Establishing a service culture,
  • Facilitating optimal employee engagement, and
  • Continually improving service quality.

Why choose us?

Our solutions are designed after intently listening to our clients to understand their needs and thereafter delivered to delight beyond their expectations.

We are focused on providing consistent value to our clients before, during and after sale by aligning perceptions.

Our focus is making a difference in all our projects by offering high value solutions that effectively impact our clients’ businesses.

We continually improve on quality, customer delight and the cost-effectiveness of our solutions and practices to give our clients a positive return on investment.

Our network of employees, partners, suppliers and collaborators provide sustained value to clients due to their extensive experience and competence in the SME sector.

Complete Projects
Happy Clients
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