Who We Are

Improving Lives, Reinventing Stories!

We are passionate about the success of SME because we believe they are the key to reinventing the African story.

We've been helping businesses for over a decade and we're really good at figuring out what they need regardless of the type of business, size or industry. We have helped a variety of SME clients, ranging from small local start-ups to large regional companies, who just want to improve their performance... to make a real difference to their customers, employees and owners. We've helped entrepreneurs start businesses, build strong teams, and efficiently use what they have to positively impact lives on the continent and we are excited to collaborate with you to help your business achieve its goals sustainably.

Our Vision

Inspire a cohesive and synergistic team to create a highly effective and agile enterprise that efficiently delivers valued solutions to clients and meets short and long term responsibilities.

Our Mission

Support SME to effectively pursue their core objectives by providing customized quality solutions that enhance operational excellence and create competitive advantage for sustainable growth.

Our Values

Transformative Leadership

Our Team

Eric Asava Magada

Founder / CEO

Eric is an experienced Audit, Risk and Compliance Consultant with over a decade and a half experience in internal audit, governance, risk, compliance, finance, talent development, information security and operations in various capacities in private and public organizations in financial, cooperative societies, intellectual property rights regulation, research and development and health sectors.

Our 3-D Service Development Process



In collaboration with clients, we co-create mutually valued solutions by:

  • Forming long term partnerships with right-fit clients, 
  • Deepening our capabilities for understanding our impact on client business, perception & sustainability, and
  • Conducting intensive hands-on joint workshops.



Continually incorporating innovation in all aspects of our business – people, solutions and processes in order to design viable and value adding solutions that:

  • Satisfy individual client preferences,
  • Maximize market appeal, and
  • Provide a premium look and feel.



Develop a service delivery system that focuses on what creates value to our clients and engages frontline personnel to deliver the ultimate client experience by:

  • Establishing a service culture,
  • Facilitating optimal employee engagement, and
  • Continually improving service quality.
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